Shaquille O’Neal Slaps Pressing Question on 31 Million People As All-Star Game Echoes Strong Desires for Shohei Ohtani Trade

Shaquille O’Neal Slaps Pressing Question on 31 Million People As All-Star Game Echoes Strong Desires for Shohei Ohtani Trade

The MLB All-Star game at T-Mobile Park was insane today! There were no empty seats as baseball fans made sure they were present to show their support for a 29-year-old MLB sensation. Not just support, but rather scouting! ‘Shotime’ aka Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels was the star today as the crowd erupted to show their desire for the upcoming free agency. Where will Ohtani go? While that stands as a big question, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal dropped another one to his 31 million fans on Instagram. 

The Los Angeles Lakers legend shared his special cameo at an All-Star game several years ago to get some feedback from the fans. What did the 4x NBA champion question about? 

Amid fans’ trade desire for Shohei Ohtani, Shaquille O’Neal puts forth a pressing question


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The Japanese sensation has created quite some impact in the Major League. In his 5th season for the Angels, Ohtani has now already made his third All-Star appearance by representing the LA side. While he continues his fight for an MLB championship, fans believe he might not get it done at LA. Showing their desire for a trade, the crowd started to echo the name of a $2.2 billion MLB franchise.

Ohtani might hit free agency this off-season with his contract with the Angels coming to an end. While many are skeptical about his extension, fans believe he has to make a move to the Seattle Mariners regardless. 


There were rumors stating, the Angels might trade Ohtani before the off-season. Whatsoever, fans believe it’s high time the 29-year-old makes a move. As the crowd went crazy screaming, “Come to Seattle”, 51-year-old Big Diesel shared an unexpected post on his Instagram. 

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Sharing his first pitch from 2018 at a Marlins game, Shaq questioned, “How fast is my Fastball?”. The Lakers legend added, “#mlballstargame” to get the comments section interactive on his Instagram handle. 


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Shohei Ohtani shines bright on a disappointing night

The Angels starting pitcher did not fail to put on a show for the Seattle crowd. Although everyone rooted for Ohtani, the American League All-Star team couldn’t get it done in the final few minutes. The veteran had a massive 32 home runs before the All-Star break. 

However, none in the All-Star game. Anyhow, fans are more invested in where the Japanese pitcher will head to. Can the Seattle Mariners make a move for Ohtani in the upcoming season? 


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