“She Signed Up for It”: Coach Relentlessly Kicking and Shoving Tired Female Fighter Sets Off MMA Fans

“She Signed Up for It”: Coach Relentlessly Kicking and Shoving Tired Female Fighter Sets Off MMA Fans

MMA is the sport of sheer willpower, and then skills follow up with a close second. While the fighters with skills end up racking achievements and picking up buzz, their willpower and never quitting attitude take them to the level of a champion. Further, a coach who is aware of the potential of a fighter and knows how to polish the same is a rare luck a few stumble upon. The same was the case when a clip made rounds on the internet where a Muay Thai instructor tried to push his discipline to the limits.

While the method of the coach might not the pleasing to the eyes, and might appear unjust at the first glance, a second look into the situation and with regard to the culture of Muay Thai instruction, might present a different picture.

The Muay Thai coach ignites the never quit attitude of the disciple


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Notably, in the video, the fans could witness a dejected and tired female trainee. While she stopped to catch a breath, her trainer was relentless in his instruction.

Also, the instructor kicked his disciple and followed with some pads on the back. Following this, the disciple tried to retreat. However, the coach pursued her and pushed her to the brink. As a result, the athlete came with a rejuvenated spirit and unleashed what was left in her store.

How did the MMA fans react to the viral clip?

While some fans pointed out the harsh nature of the training, others looked at the positive aspect of it.

A user stated, “nah she signed up for it, gotta expect a rough coach when you doing combat sports”

A follower wrote, “Harder on the gym , easier during fight”

Someone declared, “Train like you fight. He pressed his fighter enough to remind her that her opponent doesn’t care if she is hurt. Ultimately, she found her resolve and reengaged”

A comment announced that’s how champions were made.

A fan noted, “Not the slightest you don’t get a chance to just stop in a cage… soft”


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Another user expressed, “Her opponent isn’t gona, so no”

Someone specified that the instructor was pretty easy for a Muay Thai coach.

Lastly, a comment read, “This is how muay thai makes a human into a weapon…. I get trained the same and I am proud of it.”


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What do you think of this hard? Do you believe Darish deserves the title shot next? Let us know in the comments below.

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