Shiba Inu Price in Jeopardy as New Rallying Crypto, Tamadoge Looks to Wipe it Out With Explosive New Listing

Shiba Inu Price in Jeopardy as New Rallying Crypto, Tamadoge Looks to Wipe it Out With Explosive New Listing

Despite some recent gains, Shiba Inu is in trouble, as the competition is performing way better. The once popular token is decisively losing the meme coins war to Tamadoge (TAMA) and the newcomer Love Hate Inu (LHINU). And with the upcoming TAMA listing on an undisclosed top 5 crypto exchange, things are only getting worse for SHIB. The downward trend is already noticeable, as once famous meme coins can’t compete with the newcomers offering numerous advantages.


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Tamadoge’s New Listing Will Trigger an Explosive Growth

The Tamadoge team recently announced a major new listing for TAMA, the platform’s native token. However, they didn’t specify the exchange, only stating that it is in the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world. That leaves us with several Tier 1 options, like Coinbase, Binance, Bybit, and Kraken. According to a poll on Tamadoge’s Twitter, the community’s favorite at the moment is Binance, with 65% of votes.

The developers are playing this one with cards very close to their chests, keeping everyone in the dark. However, the secrecy doesn’t affect TAMA’s bottom line, as the token keeps pumping ever since the announcement was made. Currently sitting at 0.024, TAMA has pumped 17% in the last 24 hours. Even more encouraging is the daily trading volume, jumping to more than $116 million.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu has lost most of the gains it made in the last week, dropping to just $0.0000108, with a clear downward trend. This is extremely troubling considering that the rest of the market is on the bull run. This clearly spells trouble for SHIB holders, which is why many of them are dumping Shiba Inu and looking for alternatives like TAMA and LHINU. As it turns out, investors prefer options that protect them from the crypto market volatility, at least partially, to those relying solely on the hype factor.


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Gamers Flock to Tamadoge As Its Popularity Grows

Tamadoge is becoming the leading Play-to-Earn (P2E) meme coin on the market. This amazing gaming platform already has more unique monthly visitors than Decentraland and The Sandbox combined, making it one of the most popular gaming destinations on the net. To make things even better for Tamadoge and TAMA holders, both of these platforms are much older and better established. This makes Tamadoge’s success even bigger.

At the moment, the Tamadoge P2E arcade is hosting five games, Tamadoge Run, Rocket Doge, To The Moon, Super Doge, and Tama Blast. The games are highly addictive and provide players with hours of entertainment and a chance to earn some cash. The game offering is structured in a way to cover all popular genres so that everyone can find a game they like.


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Love Hate Inu Another Meme Coin Posing a Serious Threat to Shiba Inu

Another meme coin that jeopardizes Shiba Inu is the newcomer Love Hate Inu. This innovative online polling platform threatens to disrupt the survey industry by offering a cheaper and more reliable alternative to the current online voting solutions.

Love Hate Inu provides its users with a secure voting platform that can be used to organize online polls on any issue imaginable. Even more importantly, Love Hate Inu delivers results that are transparent and verifiable, as the platform uses blockchain technology to run them. In practice that means that each vote can be checked and verified, providing highly reliable results.

Love Hate Inu uses Vote2Earn mechanics to entice users to vote in their polls. LHINU, the platform’s native token, underpins the entire structure. Each LHINU holder can vote in any poll but must stake their tokens. Once the staking period is over, they will get an appropriate number of additional LHINU tokens as a reward. This simple concept ensures that Love Hate Inu polls always have sufficient voters ready to weigh in on any issue.

everyone loves lhinu

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LHINU’s V2E Utility Is A Huge Advantage Over Shiba Inu

LHINU’s utility is what sets it apart from Shiba Inu and other meme coins relying strictly on the Internet hype to gain value. Its usage on the Love Hate Inu will provide a steady demand and continually push the value up, something Shiba Inu sorely lacks. Not relying on celebrity endorsements and shenanigans to push its value is why so many investors are buying LHINU instead of SHIB.

Love Hate Inu’s Presale is Booming

Love Hate Inu is having a hugely successful presale, demonstrating the huge interest from investors. So far, the presale has raised more than $5.3 million and counting. The renewed interest in the crypto market has resulted in a much faster presale pace than expected, and the developers are already signaling the premature end, way ahead of the schedule. The virality that follows this meme coin is also playing a role in the presale supply of LHINU tokens dwindling, as the project races towards its hard cap goal.

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Meme coins like Shiba Inu and more famous Dogecoin have been all the rage back in the day. Unfortunately, the only people who made any money following their huge pumps were big investors who were in the know when to sell. A lot of small investors got burned when Shiba Inu crashed and there is no reason to think that this time the result would be any different.

That is why many investors are turning to tokens like TAMA and LHINU. Even though they are also considered meme coins because of their virality, both TAMA and LHINU also have utility within their respective platforms. It is exactly this utility that sets them apart from altcoins like SHIB and DOGE and makes them far better investment options. Like all good investments, their value depends on how well they perform on the market and not some passing Internet fad.

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