Simu Liu Finds An Odd Food Connection Between Barbie and Atlas

Simu Liu Finds An Odd Food Connection Between Barbie and Atlas

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KEN FROM BARBIE is still a mystery to Simu Liu. After he threatened to beach Ryan Gosling off and danced around on the Oscar stage proclaiming his Ken-ness, it may seem like one of the six main Ken variations in the billion-dollar blockbuster did everything Ken could do. Speaking with Men’s Health for an episode of “Eat Like,” the famous foodie still wants to learn more about the man he’ll likely play again.

“I’d like to have a meal with Ken because I don’t know what Ken eats. I don’t know if Ken has a digestive system.”

When Liu isn’t pondering the organs of a talking doll, he’s still thinking about food. He admits to being a lot more joyous around people when he eats good food. He owns a business called MìLà that ships ready-to-make soup dumplings to your door. His diet philosophy is simple: “Don’t lose the joy of eating.”

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That’s why he packs on the flavor in all his meals and doesn’t sacrifice taste for any diet. Breakfast is avocado toast topped with a poached egg and whole grain bread with MìLà Chili Crunch for the flavor he needs. After a post-workout matcha milk tea protein shake, he’s likely ordering from one of his mainstays—Tocaya, Sweetgreen, and Erewhon— and packing on the lean proteins like skirt steak, salmon, or chicken. Dinner is where he indulges in his seafood love, digging into lobster, oysters, shellfish, or anything in the sea.

This unequivocal love for food had to make the sacrifices he made to film his breakout role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings nearly unbearable. When sculpting his body into a superhero shape, he unexpectedly went overboard with the calorie cutting. His meal plan was designed around the hour of strength and conditioning he was doing before his 4-5 hours of stunt rehearsal. “I was losing a ton of weight. I was hungry and tired all of the time. My trainer was like, ‘You should be eating twice the amount as you have been.'”

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These are the unglamorous sides of becoming a Marvel demigod. He’s come to expect not having his first meal of the day until after noon when shooting intricate fight scenes. You may do intermittent fasting as your latest tactic to lose weight. For the Atlas star, it comes with the job. “Intermittent fasting works quite well with the shooting schedule. Set hours are long, grueling, and tough, but they’re also busy, so you’re not always thinking about [eating].”

The next time you see Liu on screen for his latest Netflix film, Atlas, just remember that he’s likely a hungry foodie supplying you with your weekend binge.

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