Sitting Beside Wife Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi Ridicules Rival John McEnroe With a Serious Dig – ‘Don’t Like to Set the Bar..’

Sitting Beside Wife Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi Ridicules Rival John McEnroe With a Serious Dig – ‘Don’t Like to Set the Bar..’

Former tennis star Andre Agassi seems quite excited to make a comeback to the court. The retired American tennis star made a huge impact in last year’s Pickleball Slam. To everyone’s surprise, this time, there are some new faces set to light up the event. However, it seems like Agassi already knows the result of this match. He is confident that his former tennis rival John McEnroe doesn’t stand a chance of winning against him.

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Agassi’s wife Steffi Graf will be partnering with him in next year’s grand event. They have the daunting task of battling John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova. But the ‘Punisher’ knows how to provoke his rivals. In his latest interview, he even sledged the ‘Superbrat’ with a touch of humor.

Andre Agassi tries to get under the skin of John McEnroe ahead of Pickleball Slam 2


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The 8-time Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi is gearing up for the much-anticipated Pickleball Slam 2. He has set the stage ablaze with his confident swagger as the buzz around the tournament intensifies. Considering his experience in participating in the inaugural version of the Pickleball Slam, Agassi is not holding back on his opinions about the opposing team ahead of next year’s showpiece event.

Agassi is known for his witty banter and he unleashed a volley of predictions that have raised more than a few eyebrows. His opening salvo is: “I don’t like to set the bar too high.” He laid the groundwork for the playful jabs to come with a touch of humor and a hint of arrogance. His sly remark about McEnroe not having “a snowball’s chance in July” is the kind of bold claim that spices up the pre-event banter. While it might be a tongue-in-cheek expression, it echoes Agassi’s unshakeable belief in his own prowess. 


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But the drama doesn’t stop there. Agassi pivots with a nod toward Sharapova as he expresses a desire to witness her bring a new dimension to the game. In his words: “I hope that Maria is playing the game because I would love to see her have this part of her life.” As the pickleball community eagerly awaits the second season of the Pickleball Slam, Agassi’s words have added an extra layer of excitement.

Will Pickleball Slam 2 go the way of Agassi again?


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Just like the first showdown that kept us on the edge of our seats, the second Pickleball Slam is rolling in with the same jaw-dropping prize of $1 million! Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi snagged the trophy in the inaugural face-off. That victory is practically written in neon lights on the confidence sheet Agassi carries around.

Talking about Agassi’s bold claim of outplaying John McEnroe once more, the ‘Punisher’ strutted his stuff with the same swagger that sealed the deal last time. McEnroe might have something to say about it, but Agassi’s confidence is like a magnetic force, pulling us into the hype.


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As the trio of voices adds layers to the unfolding narrative, Pickleball Slam 2 is showing signs of being a great competition. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments. 

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