Stop Waste Time Endlessly Scrolling Up on Your iPhone: Here’s How

Stop Waste Time Endlessly Scrolling Up on Your iPhone: Here’s How

Do away with endlessly scrolling up, and learn this iPhone trick pronto.

Sareena Dayaram
Sareena Dayaram

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The scrolling function on your iPhone is something you probably don’t think about much. In fact, the experience is so seamless that it’s easy to find yourself doomscrolling on social media for hours on end, or working your way down a long email, until you realize you need to get back to the top of the page. Then what? Are you left to endlessly scroll all that way back up? 

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The answer is no. That’s because there’s a hidden solution that’s both simple and easy to remember. You just tap on your iPhone once, but you need to hit the right spot and the device will zap you to the top of your page instantly. Here’s where you need to tap depending on what iPhone model you use.

Tap on the top of the screen to have the iPhone scroll to the top of the current page.

  • If you have an iPhone 14,  you can tap on either side of the Dynamic Island and the phone will instantly scroll up. 

  • With an iPhone X or any of the models with the notch, you can tap on either side of the notch. 

  • If you have an older iPhone without the Dynamic Island or a notch, you can achieve the same thing by tapping the clock on the status bar. 

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