is a portable operating system
that protects against
surveillance and censorship.

Avoid surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses

Tails uses the Tor network to protect your privacy online and help you avoid
censorship. Enjoy the Internet like it should be.

Your secure computer anywhere

Shut down the computer and start on your Tails USB
stick instead of starting on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Tails leaves no trace on the computer when shut down.

Digital security toolbox

Tails includes a selection of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate
securely. Everything in Tails is ready-to-use and has safe defaults.

Free Software

You can download Tails for free and independent security researchers can verify our
work. Tails is based on Debian GNU/Linux.


Who uses Tails

Activists use Tails to hide their identities, avoid censorship, and communicate

and their sources
use Tails to publish sensitive information
and access the Internet from unsafe places.

Domestic violence survivors use Tails to escape surveillance at home.

You whenever you need extra privacy
in this digital world.

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