Teams ready for the debut of the Mixed Relay at the European Games

Teams ready for the debut of the Mixed Relay at the European Games

A total of 16 Teams will be ready to display a short and fast Mixed Relay race this Saturday in Krakow, on the debut of the thrilling format at the European Games. A combination of young talent and experienced athletes will try their best at the Nova Huta Lake, for much delight of spectators and fans alike, showing once again that this fast race is always one to watch.

Each of the four members of the team will face a 300m swim on the Huva Lake, followed by a 5km bike course that is a replica of the circuit that the athletes had for the individual race, to then finish with one lap running around the lake before tagging to their teammates. And even though the final Teams compositions will not be public until two hours before the start of the race, what it is sure is that Team UK will be wearing number 1 on the day, based on the rankings of the Teams for previous races on this format.

It will be Barclay Izzard, Sophie Alden, Connor Bentley and Sian Rainsley the ones defending the colors of Team Great Britain, trying to finish their participation at the Games with a medal that they couldn’t get at the individual races.

And after the brilliant performances of both Solveigh Lovseth and Vetle Bergsvik Thorn (NOR), claiming both gold medals for their country, Team Norway will be a one to watch this Saturday, with the goal of the four Norwegian athletes being set on bringing home a third medal. Even a golden one if possible. Both of them will be joined by Lotte Miller and Casper Stornes, which puts them on a great position to fight for the medals.

Another team that will be looking for redemption this Saturday will be indeed Team France. With their top ranked athletes focused on the World Triathlon Championship Series events and the Paris Test Event, it will be Yanis Seguin, Mathilde Gautier, Valentin Morlec and Audrey Merle lining up for the Relay. They all are fast, consistent and know what it is to be on an international podium, so expect some powerful displays on the blue carpet in Krakow as well.

Team Hungary is bringing some fresh legs for the Relay, including Zsanett Bragmayer, who flew from WTCS Montreal just to help the team grabbing what could be an historical medal for them in case they deliver a great show on Saturday. The current Aquathlon World Champion is a fast swimmer and runner, but her teammates Gergely Kiss, Gergő Dobi and Márta Kropkó are also strong and reliable.

Team Italy is bringing a great combination of young and experienced talent as well, including Verena Steinhauser, Michele Sarzilla, Angelica Prestia and Gianluca Pozzatti on their roaster, while for Team Spain it will be the younger athletes trying to bring home a medal that could be historical for them, with David Cantero Del Campo, Sara Guerrero Manso, Alberto Gonzalez Garcia and Cecilia Santamaria Surroca wearing the red and yellow uniform.

Team Switzerland will be lining up Adrien Briffod, Alissa Konig, Sylvain Fridelance and Nora Gmür while for Germany the team members will be four young athletes: Simon Henseleit, Selina Klamt, Jonas Osterholt and Jule Behrens.

Team Netherlands (Mitch Kolkman, Barbara De Koning, Donald Hillebregt, Marit and Van Den Berg); Team Czech Republic (Tomas Zikmund, Alzbeta Hruskova, Tomas Kriz Tereza Zimovjanova); Team Austria (Lukas Pertl, Julia Hauser, Alois Knabl , Sara Vilic); Team Poland (Michał Oliwa, Magdalena Sudak, Maciej Bruzdziak, Józefina Młynarska), Team Luxemburg (Gregor Payet, Jeanne Lehair, Lucas Cambresy , Eva Daniels); Team Slovakia (Peter Rojtas, Margareta Vrablova, Richard Varga, Zuzana Michalickova) and Team Ireland (James Edgar, Erin McConnell, Luke McCarron, Carolyn Hayes) will complete the roaster for the European Games.

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