The 30 Best Shows on Peacock to Watch Right Now

The 30 Best Shows on Peacock to Watch Right Now


The Office

It wouldn’t be a list of Peacock shows without the one and only The Office. The U.S spin-off of a short-lived British counterpart has become one of NBC’s classic comedies and launched the careers of various cast members, including John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, and Mindy Kaling.

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Mrs. Davis

Damon Lindelof, who’s known for his work on Lost, The Leftovers, and Watchmen, is back with a new head-scratcher called Mrs. Davis. The show is zany yet poignant, as it follows a nun determined to destroy an AI that’s taken over the world. Betty Gilpin (who shined in the Netflix show Glow) stars.

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Poker Face

Rian Johnson‘s Poker Face stars Natasha Lyonne as Charlie, a drifter with a gift (or arguably a curse) for knowing when others are lying. Unfortunately, murder seems to follow Charlie wherever she goes, and she can’t help but search for the truth. Before the show’s first season had even finished, it already cinched a second season renewal.

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A.P. Bio

Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame stars in this comedy about a substitute teacher who couldn’t care less about teaching his students actual science. Instead, the class gets into all sorts of antics; imagine Eastbound and Down meets Abbott Elementary.

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We at Men’s Health are big fans of Yellowstone, so although it’s not an NBC show, we have to include it on the list. The show streams on Peacock due to a 2020 streaming deal, which according to Deadline was made before the Viacom and CBS merger.

The show follows the Dutton family, who own the largest ranch in Montana, and their desperate attempts to keep their property in family hands.

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Bel-Air takes the classic sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and turns it into a more serious drama. The premise is the same, following Will, a troubled Philadelphia kid who moves in with his well-to-do aunt and uncle and must find his way in high society. The tonal shift has proved a hit for Peacock.

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Law and Order Franchise

NBC’s long-running crime and legal dramas are all available to watch on Peacock, including the popular Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. You can catch up on the various series, or just keep up with SVU. Episodes for the ongoing series air the day after the live premiere.

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The Real Housewives Franchise

In the world of reality TV, nothing beats The Real Housewives franchise. Set in various cities across the country, the show has made celebrities out of high-achieving women who all seem to hate each other but keep hanging out regardless. The shows are memeable messiness and are perfect for anyone who’s chronically online. If you want to dip your toes into the Bravo multiverse, check out The Real Housewives of Miami, Beverly Hills, New York, or Atlanta.

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Vanderpump Rules

If you’ve heard the word “Scandoval” at all in the past few months, it’s related to the now very public scandal ongoing in Vanderpump Rules. A Real Housewives spin-off, the show follows Lisa Vanderpump (of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame) and the staff of her various restaurants as they date one another, break up, and engage in all sorts of drama.

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Peacock has a strong back catalog, including the classic murder mystery show Columbo. Peter Falk (you may know him in his later days as the grandfather in The Princess Bride) stars as Lt. Columbo, a detective who captures even the most formidable of suspects through his bumbling demeanor and endless poking and prodding into every case. Columbo episodes run a little over an hour and are perfect when you’re looking for a cozy mystery. (Other mystery shows of the era, including The Rockford Files and Quantum Leap, also are available to stream on Peacock)

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Friday Night Lights

NBC’s Friday Night Lights follows a small town’s football team. Over the course of the show’s five seasons, it won multiple Emmys and a Peabody Award, and launched the career of now-Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Plemons.

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The Traitors

The Traitors is a U.S. version of a U.K. competition show where celebrities, along with regular people, engage in a series of challenges with a twist: a small group of the contestants are “traitors” tasked with eliminating the other contestants and avoiding detection. If they win, they take the prize money for themselves.

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Rutherford Falls

This short-lived sitcom starred Ed Helms (of The Office fame) as Nathan, a descendant of the founder of the small-town Rutherford Falls. When the mayor decides to move a statue of the founder, Nathan does what he can to keep it in its place. At the same time, Regean, a member of the town’s (fictional) Indigenous community, seeks to preserve her people’s culture and history. The show was praised for its depiction of Indigenous people, but didn’t secure a Season 2.

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This comedy started at Peacock, then Netflix picked it up for it’s third season. Busy Philips, Sara Bareilles, Paula Pell, and Renée Elise Goldsberry star as a one-hit wonder girl group who decide to reunite and revive their musical careers.

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Saturday Night Live

NBC’s long-running late-night comedy sketch show is now available to watch in its entirety (and even live) on Peacock. Whether you believe the show’s comedic heyday was decades ago or the best is yet to come, you can watch SNL’s entire catalog on NBC’s flagship streaming platform.

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A Friend of the Family

Based on a true story, A Friend of the Family follows a family with a young girl, who is kidnapped not once, but twice by (you guessed it!) a friend of the family. The show offers a chilling reenactment of a true crime event and stars Jake Lacy of The White Lotus fame.

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The Blacklist

NBC’s long-running show stars James Spader as Red, an ex-Naval Intelligence Officer turned criminal who turns himself into the FBI to help them catch some of the world’s deadliest criminals. In exchange, he wants full immunity from his crimes and he only wants to work with a particular FBI agent… who has no idea why he’s interested in her. The show is currently in its tenth and final season.

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That ’70s Show

This classic sitcom follows teen Eric Forman and his friends as they get into all sorts of trouble, hang out in his parents’ basement, and try their best not to annoy his parents.

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, created, produced, and hosted this anthology series featuring various thrillers, mysteries, and dramas. The show had notable directors and actors throughout its 10 season run, including Peter Falk, Clint Eastwood, Robert Altman, and Burt Reynolds.

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Everybody Hates Chris

Today, you know Tyler James Williams from Abbott Elementary, but the actor gained fame for playing a fictionalized version of Chris Rock on Everybody Hates Chris. The show follows Chris’ teenage years, along with the lives of his older brother, young sister, mother and father.

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