The 8 Best Bulking Foods, According to Dietitians

The 8 Best Bulking Foods, According to Dietitians



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Long appreciates that bananas are a calorie-dense ‘quick carb’ to help fuel your muscles to increase power potential. “Bananas also provide potassium, which is an electrolyte for optimal muscle function,” she says.


Sweet Potatoes

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Another top bulking food for Long, sweet potatoes are a complex carb and provide lasting energy for your muscles.

“Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C and beta-carotene that support the immune system,” she says.


Red Meat

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“Red meat is high in protein that supports muscle recovery,” says Long. Red meat provides B12 that supports energy production, as well as iron for oxygen transport.

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Greek Yogurt

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As Long highlights, yogurt is packed with protein for muscle recovery along with calcium to support strong bones, which is important when putting on muscle.

“Yogurt also provides probiotics to support gut health,” she says. “Whole milk yogurt is preferred during bulking to ensure that calorie needs are being met.”

Buy unsweetened, plain yogurt and add your own fruit or toppings as desired to avoid added sweeteners found in flavored versions of dairy products.



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It’s a fan favorite for a reason.

“Due to its high protein, but low fat content,” says Residorf, chicken breast is a solid bulking food for those looking to pack on the muscle.




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It’s technically a seed, but referred to as a whole grain. However you want to classify it, quinoa is well worth including into your bulking diet.

“Quinoa provides carbohydrates and a significant amount of plant-based protein,” says Residorf.

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Nuts and Nut Butters

girl eating nuts from a bowl

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“Nuts support bulking because they are calorie dense and contain protein for optimal muscle recovery,” says Long. Nuts also contain antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress in the body so you can continue to feel and perform your best in the gym.



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Long says that eggs are a good choice if you’re bulking because they are full of protein to support optimal muscle recovery.

“It is also easy to add as many eggs as you want into a scramble so you can customize the macronutrients to meet your needs,” she says. “Eggs also contain choline, which supports the nervous system and healthy muscle function.”

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