The Absolute Best Deals from Vuori’s Sale Section

The Absolute Best Deals from Vuori’s Sale Section

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Vuori has blown up over the past couple years. Maybe I’m projecting, because prior to living in New York City, I was unaware of its existence, but the SoCal athleisure company has eaten up a huge chunk of the market. And for good reason! The brand makes some of the best travel pants, workout shorts/shirts, and joggers on the market. It is even a staple for athletes. And even though we wish guys still wore suits (or at least jeans) to the airport, in 2024 there’s not a more ubiquitous piece of travel gear than Vuori pants.

So when the brand has a sale, we’re always going to tune in. Right now, though there’s no major event happening, Vuori has a bunch of hits sitting on the shelves for less than retail price. We’re talking ripstop pants, performance tees, and running shorts for up to 40 percent off. It’s a lot, but there are some real gems in here. So like always, our shopping editors dug through the sale to handpick the best deals just for you, dear reader.

The only thing is, since this isn’t a sale event, there’s no timeline within which you can buy here. Items will only be available as long as there is stock, which makes things a bit more dubious. If there’s something that catches your eye from these best Vuori deals, don’t hesitate to snag it.

Aviara Insulated Jacket

Vuori Aviara Insulated Jacket

Now 30% Off

Technical Climber Pants

Vuori Technical Climber Pants

Now 30% Off

Fleet Pants

Vuori Fleet Pants

Now 20% Off

Idyllwild Sherpa Jacket

Vuori Idyllwild Sherpa Jacket

Now 45% Off

Austin Sweatpant

Vuori Austin Sweatpant

Now 20% Off

Meta Pants

Vuori Meta Pants

Now 30% Off

Vintage Ripstop Pants

Vuori Vintage Ripstop Pants

Now 20% Off

Cypress Hoodie

Vuori Cypress Hoodie

Now 20% Off

Elevate Kore Shorts

Vuori Elevate Kore Shorts

Now 31% Off

Sunday Performance Shorts

Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts

Now 40% Off

Ripstop Pants

Vuori Ripstop Pants

Now 31% Off

Trail Shorts

Vuori Trail Shorts

Now 31% Off

Course Run Shorts

Vuori Course Run Shorts

Now 31% Off

Optimist Shorts

Vuori Optimist Shorts

Now 31% Off

Zone Shorts

Vuori Zone Shorts

Now 49% Off

Banks Shorts 5

Vuori Banks Shorts 5″

Now 21% Off

The Rise T-Shirt

Vuori The Rise T-Shirt

Now 41% Off

Long-Sleeve Rise Tee

Vuori Long-Sleeve Rise Tee

Now 45% Off

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