The Bloody and Miniature Powers of Gen V Explained

The Bloody and Miniature Powers of Gen V Explained


Luke Riordan/Golden Boy

golden boy in gen v

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Hailed as the prodigious Godolkin University student strong enough to join Vought’s vaunted The Seven superhero group, Luke Riordan is Gen V‘s version of the Human Torch. Referred to as Golden Boy because of his popularity and ascension to the top of the school rankings, he shows off his pyrokinesis, fire manipulation, flight, and superhuman strength in dramatic fashion in the series premiere. He incinerated the nefarious Prof. Rich Brinkerhoff (Clancy Brown) with an inferno hug, ripped the arms off a fellow supe nearly twice his size, and withstood a punch to his firey penis from one of his strongest schoolmates, Jordan Li, without buckling to his knees. Unfortunately, the greatest display of his powers came at the end of the season premiere, when he flew into the sky and internalized enough fire until he exploded in a superhero suicide.


Cate Dunlap

cate dunlap

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Arguably the strongest Gen V superhero, Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips) can control the mind of anyone she touches, which forces her to wear gloves everywhere she goes. The length of time her control over someone’s mind lasts seems to be up to her as she ordered Rufus (Alexander Calvert) to smash a baseball bat into his groin every hour on the hour while yelling “Jumanji” for joking that Golden Boy killed himself just to get away from her. But, there is a limit on how often she can use her powers as she collapsed from exhaustion after saving Andre from two guards. Similar to her Marvel counterpart Wanda Maximoff, Cate has the ability to put people into psychic comas and trap them in her thoughts with the ability to incapacitate them from inside her mind.


Marie Moreau

marie moreau

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For Marie, blood is thicker than water and deadlier as well. Her blood manipulation powers enable her to stretch and harden any amount of blood into deadly weapons that can slice someone’s throat and crush heavy objects. She learns that her blood manipulation powers can have a healing capability in the series premiere, when she stops someone from bleeding out by keeping the blood gushing out inside the person’s body. She typically summons these powers by cutting herself to draw blood, but that life-saving use of those powers shows that there’s more potential for Marie than meets the eye. She also discovers she can send blood from inside someone to a specific part of their body, causing it to explode. Her first victim: rapey Rufus and his exploding penis in Episode 4.

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Jordan Li

jordan li

Brooke Palmer/Prime Video//Amazon Prime

Representing their gender and sexual fluidity, Jordan Li is able to switch between male and female bodies and so much more. Jordan has superhuman strength that rivals the strongest Godolkin University student, Golden Boy, as evidenced in their knockdown brawl that essentially ended in a stalemate. Throw in energy blasts that can make the strongest foes second guess their next move, and Jordan Li is quickly becoming the mightiest of the Gen V crew.


Emma Meyer

emma meyer

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Gen V‘s version of Termite does more than simply shrink herself with her miniaturization powers. Although the series finale saw her employ her Ant-Man-like powers to please the penis of a narcissist, we’ve seen how her powers allow her to enter spaces most can never dream of fitting into. At the end of the season’s third episode, Emma leaps into the ear of a guard punishing Golden Boy’s brother Sam, who is being held in captivity. We don’t see exactly what she does inside of that guard’s head, but within seconds he was incapacitated on the ground with blood coming out of his eyes and ears. So, safe to say Emma can lethally fuck with your mind.


Sam Riordan


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The only reason Golden Boy is the strongest at Godolkin University is because his brother Sam (Asa Germann) is locked away by Vought. He has super strength and invulnerability. He once punched his hand through a guard’s stomach and up out of his mouth in a single blow and sent his brother flying into a metal wall by barely moving his arm. His powers are a bit unstable, on account of his having hallucinations (Hello Jason Ritter!) that he can’t seem to control.

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Andre Anderson

andre anderson

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As the son of superhero executive Polarity (Sean Patrick Thomas), Andre Anderson’s (Chance Perdomo) DNA reacted with the Compound V superhero serum similarly to his father, by giving him superhuman strength and metal manipulation (If Marie is like Magneto but with blood, Andre is closer to the OG Magneto). He was able to rip open a hole in the crotch of a bronze statue of his father (what’s with all the crotch humor?).



gen v

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Rufus is a grade-A asshole who uses his psychic abilities to look into people’s thoughts and knock them unconscious with their memories wiped. We first see his use of his latter power when he attempts to assault Marie sexually. Unluckily for him, he was on the receiving end of Marie discovering that her blood manipulation powers allow her to target which area on someone’s body she wants to rush their blood into. The result: an exploded penis for the rapey prick.


Tek Knight

a man in a suit

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Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) could be referred to as the human lie detector (kind of like Poker Face on Peacock! Good show!). He can see the most minute physiological reactions in someone’s body, from adrenaline spiking to if someone is ovulating. He smelled Cate’s scent on Andre’s lips and correctly deduced the pair were intimate. He saw Marie’s pupils dilate and heart rate elevate, proving she was withholding the truth about why she visited Professor Brink when she stumbled upon Golden Boy incinerating him.

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