The Jinx Part Two Is Six More Episodes Of Robert Durst Being The Dumbest Criminal Alive

ROBERT DURST’S MURDER problems took over our lives in 2015 when The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst miniseries premiered on HBO. For six weeks, we watched Durst explain the details of the multiple murders he was accused of committing with the emotional sincerity of a catatonic liar. Nine years later, director Andrew Jarecki traces Durst’s final years after the first season with The Jinx Part Two.

If the first season of The Jinx proved anything, Durst was one of the dumbest criminals ever to walk the Earth. The real estate heir was a suspect in the 1982 disappearance of his first wife, Katie Durst, the 2000 murder of longtime friend Susan Berman, and the 2001 death and dismemberment of his neighbor, Morris Black. He was never charged with the first two and was acquitted of murdering Morris Black in 2003 after claiming he did so in self-defense. He was rich, not in prison, and inexplicably had friends who would do anything for him, including one who became his friend after serving as a juror on the Morris Black murder case. Yet, something in his brain told him to get on camera and incriminate himself for an HBO show.

robert durst in the jinx part two


The Jinx Part Two picks up the Durst story after the March 2015 airing of the Season 1 finale, where Durst infamously mumbled to himself, “killed them all, of course.” In the first episode of Part Two, we see the lengths Durst went to evade arrest after the season finale aired. We see him fleeing to Houston with plans to escape to Cuba with tens of thousands of dollars and a prosthetic mask to conceal his identity, and we hear him utter the most obvious statement in The Jinx history: “Being a fugitive isn’t something I did well.” The first episode ends with Durst in New Orleans prison explicitly telling a friend not to cooperate with authorities on a phone call he has to know is being recorded.

There are dumb criminals, and then there’s Robert Durst.

When is the next episode of The Jinx Part Two coming out?

The first episode of The Jinx Part Two will air on HBO on Sunday, April 21 at 10 P.M. ET and will also be available to stream on Max at the same time.

How many episodes are left in The Jinx Part Two?

Six episodes of The Jinx Part Two will be released. Since it has yet to air its season premiere, there are six episodes left.

Here’s the complete release schedule for The Jinx Part Two:

Episodes air on HBO and stream on Max every Sunday at 10 P.M. ET

Episode 1. “Why Are You Still Here?” Airing and streaming on April 21

Episode 2. “Friendships Die Hard” Airing and streaming on April 28

Episode 3. “Saving My Tears Until It’s Official” Airing and streaming on May 5

Episode 4. “The Unluckiest Man In The World” Airing and streaming on May 12

Episode 5. “TBD” Airing and streaming on May 19

Episode 6. “TBD” Airing and streaming on May 26

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