There’s Only One Way to Watch Scream VI Right Now

There’s Only One Way to Watch Scream VI Right Now

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Horror movies are having a great moment right now. There’s no shortage of new and exciting movies for the genre. In 2022 alone we had standout hits like Smile, Barbarian, and Nope. Then M3GAN kicked off 2023 with a fashionable killer robot the Internet couldn’t get enough of. Plus, famous franchises have returned after years of dormancy; a recent Halloween trilogy starring Jamie Lee Curtis recently wrapped up, and, of course, we have Scream in our lives again.

When the first film released in theaters in 1996, it offered a meta, twist-laden alternative to the more cut and dry horror of previous decades. Not only was Scream offering a classic slasher tale, it also was self-aware of the possibilities and limitations of the genre. Neve Campbell starred as the unforgettable final girl (Scream VI is the first film in the series she won’t be featured in), and the killer reveal made for horror movie history. And with the late lauded horror director Wes Craven at the helm for the franchise‘s first four films, it’s no wonder Scream has become a beloved horror staple. Now in 2023, the sixth installment in the series features a new cast, but the same twists and tricks we love from the franchise.

Starring Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, and Jasmine Savoy Brown, Scream VI is the second film in the franchise’s reboot, which began last year with Scream (2022). Stars from previous films are set to return, including Hayden Panettiere and Courteney Cox. For fans of slashers and genre reinventions, Scream VI is a movie to see—and early reviews and box office projections show that just about everyone is excited.

So, where can you watch it? We’ve got the answer below.

How to Watch Scream VI

As of March 10, 2023, Scream VI is now out in theaters. You can buy tickets to see it now.

Buy Tickets to Scream VI at Fandango

Buy Tickets to Scream VI at Regal Cinema

Buy Tickets to Scream VI at AMC Theaters

Buy Tickets to Scream VI at Cinemark

When Will Scream VI Be Streaming Online?

Scream VI will stream on Paramount+, along with 2022’s Scream and the other films in the series, sometime later this year. Although we don’t have an exact date, it’s likely the film will hit streaming services sometime after the theatrical release in April or May. We’ll update this space when that happens.

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