These Ryobi Tools Can Help Keep Your Yard And Garden Bug Free This Summer

These Ryobi Tools Can Help Keep Your Yard And Garden Bug Free This Summer
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While some insects like honey bees and butterflies serve an essential purpose or bring beauty into our world, others can carry disease, damage our plants, and generally bug us (pun intended) while we spend time outdoors. Since it’s not possible to deal with every insect by hand, even with fancy bug-busting gadgets, scientists developed insecticides to help.

In addition to insects like aphids, mosquitos, squash bugs, and various larvae, our yards and gardens are havens for other harmful or unsightly pests such as ticks, spiders, slugs, mites, and fungi. One of the best ways to thwart these unwanted pests is by spraying or fogging the infested area with a pesticide.

Pesticides range from time-honored DIY concoctions to state-of-the-art chemical warfare. Applicators designed for pesticide distribution are often pumped or sprayed by hand, which can become difficult for large areas or even small spaces as we age. In line with the “work smarter, not harder” ethos, Ryobi developed some tools to help in the battle against lawn and garden pests.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ handheld sprayers

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Handheld sprayers are a DIY lawn and garden specialist’s go-to weapon in the fight against a multitude of pests. Designs vary from simple spray bottles to hand wands attached to canisters that pressurize via a pump.

Ryobi improved those designs by replacing muscle power with rechargeable 18-volt battery packs. Options include the compact handheld sprayer with a removable chemical canister that holds 0.5 liters of solution. The adjustable nozzle allows users to select patterns suitable for spraying, misting, and fogging. The unit can send a stream of pesticide up to 20 feet, making it possible to treat all but the tallest trees. Ryobi’s included battery is claimed to be good for up to 200 gallons on a single charge, all by simply pulling the trigger, with no pumping required.

For jobs requiring more than a half liter of chemical solution, Ryobi offers handheld wand-type sprayers with capacities ranging from one to two gallons. These handheld units are perfect for small to medium jobs, allow one- or two-handed operation, and feature brass spray nozzles that adjust from a fine mist to a pinpoint stream and a cap that doubles as a measuring cup.

Ryobi backpack sprayers

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Consider a backpack sprayer for larger jobs. Traditional backpack sprayers include the hand-pump type most DIYers use and gasoline-engine-powered commercial types. Hand-pumping takes time and energy, while gas-powered units are heavy, loud, and create obnoxious fumes.

Enter Ryobi’s lightweight battery-powered four-gallon backpack sprayers. The 18V ONE+ unit suffices for most home projects. With the included two-amp-hour battery, this backpack sprayer can apply up to 44 gallons of solution per charge. The 18V backpack sprayer kit includes two spray nozzles for precise spray pattern control and a one-gallon sprayer that uses the same battery.

For larger jobs, try Ryobi’s 40-volt four-gallon backpack sprayer that can spray up to 200 gallons on a single charge of the included battery without pumping or carbon monoxide. The 40-volt sprayer features a “variable pressure dial for precise application,” allowing the operator to apply the correct amount of chemicals where needed. Precise application ensures the problem is handled without excess runoff into nearby streams and groundwater.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ chemical fogger

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There’s nothing much better than sitting outside enjoying a warm summer evening as the sun sets below the horizon. At least it’s pleasant until the mosquitos come out and begin their nightly search for blood. While a mosquito bite’s resulting itchy welts are reason enough to declare war on the little buggers, they can also carry some significant diseases. 

The risk of contracting a particular ailment from a mosquito varies depending on which part of the world you’re in. Some deadly mosquito-borne diseases include malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika, and yellow fever. Fogging is one of the best ways to lower mosquito populations on your property. 

While many municipalities use mosquito fogging to protect residents, you can fog your personal space with Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ ½ Gallon Chemical Fogger/Mister. The battery-powered fogger works with your choice of chemical to treat up to 1,000 square feet per minute and 10,000 square feet total before depleting the included 2 Ah battery. 

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