This Anker Power Station Is Perfect for Camping—And It’s 30% Off at Amazon

This Anker Power Station Is Perfect for Camping—And It’s 30% Off at Amazon
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Camping season is all about disconnecting from electronics and unwinding by the crackling campfire. But even when escaping our digital lives, there are a few essential devices we might still want to bring along. This spring, if you find yourself bringing your laptop to your favorite campsite, a portable power station is a lifesaver to keep it charged. Anker’s PowerCore Reserve 192Wh Power Station is an excellent option, and it’s currently 30 percent off, so you can get plenty of power for a great price.

Anker PowerCore Reserve 192Wh Power Station

On Sale

PowerCore Reserve 192Wh Power Station

Anker PowerCore Reserve 192Wh Power Station

Now 30% Off

The power station features a 192-watt-hour battery that’s perfect for charging personal electronics like smartphones, tablets, or even laptops. Anker claims it can charge a MacBook Air almost three times over through the power station’s 60-watt USB-C port, allowing you to work for a few days unplugged. Meanwhile, the 27-watt USB-C can keep smaller devices powered up on the go. There are also two USB-A ports for powering any other devices you may have.

One of the power station’s coolest features is its built-in retractable light. Perfect for when the sun sets or during unexpected power outages, simply pull up on the top cover to reveal it. For added convenience the light offers two brightness modes, allowing you to adjust the illumination to your needs. The lower brightness can be helpful to quickly illuminate inside your tent without being too harsh on your eyes. Anker says the LED lamp will last over 40 hours on a full charge.

For added safety, the power station includes an SOS button. In an emergency where you need to signal for help, pressing the button will activate a flashing light that transmits the international SOS signal in Morse code. Another helpful feature is the ability to recharge the power station with a solar panel, so you can stay off the grid longer.

The power station sports a compact design of 4.59×4.59×8.17 inches and weighs 5 pounds, making it roughly the size of a reusable water bottle. It also features a handle, making it easy to carry. There are no AC outlets like you’d find on other solar-powered generators, but for something small on your next camping trip, the Anker PowerCore Reserve 192Wh Power Station will do the trick.

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