This Is What to Do About Your Testosterone Now

This Is What to Do About Your Testosterone Now

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Testosterone can do some amazing things; it helps build muscle, bone strength, affects the production of red blood cells, and regulates sex drive.

It can also do a major number on our minds. There’s this myth that testosterone is like kale or IQ and that more is better. In reality, this hormone is more like engine oil: Having a tank that’s three-quarters full doesn’t make your car perform better than if it’s two-thirds full. But you definitely don’t want to be low.

There’s currently a rash of businesses that want to test your T. Some companies also want to sell testosterone to you. Some want to help you boost your levels naturally. Some want to sell you supplements that supposedly boost your levels—even if your numbers are already in the normal range. There are—and always have been—testosterone purveyors who will get it to guys who haven’t even had their T tested to check their levels.

And there’s this big, persistent idea that somehow, even if your levels are completely within the normal range and you’re not in danger of being low, that a little more T than you have right now will somehow get you the energy, libido, body fat percentage, muscles, recovery time, and life that you really want. (Docs say that it won’t.)

But if you actually are low on testosterone—which many men are—hormone therapy can get you back to a healthy level, and can also help take down your risks of low bone density and insulin resistance. And it might restore your libido and energy, too.

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So how do you know if your T is OK, if you need more, and how to make the most of what you have right now? Use this 4-Week Guide to know what to do about your testosterone right now.

What Should You Do About Your Testosterone Right Now? Download Our 4-Week Guide.

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