This Top-Rated AquaRest Spas Hot Tub Is 20% Off on Wayfair

This Top-Rated AquaRest Spas Hot Tub Is 20% Off on Wayfair

It’s hot out. Really hot. And depending on where you live, it might be really humid, too. But the nights can still be surprisingly chill. And for those nights, we want to sink into a relaxing hot tub to melt away the stresses of our day. Luckily, if you don’t already have a hot tub, you can pick up a top-rated one for way less now.

Today, you can snag the AquaRest Spas DayDream Hot Tub for 20 percent off at Wayfair. And though that might not sound like all that much in terms of savings, it will actually keep over $1,000 in your pocket.

AquaRest Spas DayDream Six-Person Hot Tub

DayDream Six-Person Hot Tub

AquaRest Spas DayDream Six-Person Hot Tub

Now 20% Off

Beyond the fact that you can save some serious money on this hot tub, this AquaRest Spas model is also the one we’ve previously rated as being the overall best hot tub you can buy for your backyard. Part of the reasoning behind this is that this hot tub is outfitted with lots of premium features for a decent price (and more so now that it’s on sale).

We were particularly excited about the LED waterfall, the included water purification and filtration systems, and the built-in lounger seat that helps you maximize your relaxation. Plus, this hot tub is perfect for those with a big family or who like to entertain since it can hold up to six people. It also comes complete with 30 jets and a locking cover, so you can keep unwanted debris and critters out of your new hot tub.

Available in two colors (both of which are on sale for 20 percent off), this AquaRest Spas DayDream Hot Tub makes for a fantastic addition to the backyard—especially if you could use a seriously soothing soak. Better yet, you can have your relaxation without having to pay full retail for this amazing summer deal.

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