This Top-Selling Hot Tub Is $1,600 Off on Wayfair Ahead of Black Friday

This Top-Selling Hot Tub Is $1,600 Off on Wayfair Ahead of Black Friday

Now that it’s officially November, we have two things on our mind: Thanksgiving and Black Friday. And we clearly aren’t the only ones, with retailers like Lowe’s and Wayfair already kicking off their Black Friday deals. Naturally, we’re keeping an eye out for great Black Friday discounts you can snag in the weeks leading up to the huge shopping event itself, and right now, Wayfair has a solid deal on one of our favorite hot tubs.

AquaRest Spas Elite AR600 6-Person Hot Tub

Elite AR600 6-Person Hot Tub

AquaRest Spas Elite AR600 6-Person Hot Tub

Now 36% Off

Right now, Wayfair is running its Black Friday Early Access sale, which means you can already save as much as 70 percent on decor, appliances, mattresses, all sorts of furniture, and more. One of the early Black Friday deals that caught our eye is on the AquaRest Spas Elite AR600 6-Person Hot Tub, which we’ve previously named one of the best hot tubs.


At this very moment, you can score this hot tub in the Graystone colorway for 36 percent off. (Additionally, there are two other colorways you can opt for that are also on sale: the Brownstone at 31 percent off and the Keystone at 11 percent off.) This means you can save a whopping $1,643 and some change on this top-rated hot tub right now.

This AquaRest model is for sure a party hot tub, capable of seating six people. Not only does it fit a good amount of people, but it also has a really neat waterfall feature that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser—especially when you reveal that it has nine different colors you can use to illuminate it. Plus, it features 29 jets and six cup holders so nobody has to hold onto their drinks. In terms of the business side of things, this hot tub also comes with its own ozone purification system as well as a water filtration system.

So if you’re someone who loves to entertain, this hot tub is an amazing option, especially since you can save over $1,600 on it in the lead-up to Black Friday.


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