Vitalik Buterin: Every Layer 2 and Roll-Up on Ethereum Has a Backdoor

Vitalik Buterin: Every Layer 2 and Roll-Up on Ethereum Has a Backdoor

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder announced that developers use a backdoor to access the protocol and edit the platform. In an August 13th interview, he added that the development teams want to remove these backdoors, also called Training Wheels, from 2024. 

However, this update led to a rise in concerns from numerous crypto pundits, as some are suspicious of the action.  In response, a pseudonymous crypto trader and analyst, Chris O, expressed his dislike for the update, noting that this action doesn’t show any bit of permissionless services. 

🚨🚨WOW!! V says the quiet part out loud. Every L2 & Rollup on $ETH has a back door for protocol devs🤯 So much for immutable, permissionless & censorship resistance. This is not #Crypto. At this point, I don’t see how anyone can dispute that #Cardano & to a lesser degree $BTC

— Chris O (@TheOCcryptobro) August 13, 2023

Roll-Ups and Layer 2 Platforms Have Some Backdoor

The Ethereum Blockchain is a decentralized crypto blockchain that facilitates smart contracts and provides financial solutions to individuals globally. Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest blockchain by market cap, following closely after Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH) boasts of its permissionless, decentralized, and distributed system for facilitating financial solutions.  However, a recent update on the Crypto Twitter space has revealed something contradicting Ethereum’s decentralized nature.

In a video, Ethereum’s owner discusses plans to remove training wheels – backdoor solutions for bug-related protocol access. It is worth noting that the Ethereum boss’s statement was brought to the public’s attention by a pseudonymous NFT personality, crypto analyst, and investor wEeZiE {X}💭FireGaryGensler, who is also a strong critic of SEC Chairperson Gary Gensler. 

Pundits React to Ethereum Vitalik Buterin’s Statement

Buterin’s statement caused so much commotion in the Crypto X community, with many individuals calling him a scam. One X user, Vincent Van Code, stated that every code has a backdoor, noting that the CEO is only silly enough to announce it. 

Van Code added that only open-source, self-compiled codes don’t have a backdoor. However, per Vincent Van Code, network operators strongly discourage programmers from compiling their own code.

Another X user, Chris O, an acclaimed crypto analyst and investor with more than 10,000 followers, also commented on the topic. According to Chris, Vitalik “said the quiet part out loud.”. He noted that it was outrageous for every Rollup and L2 to have backdoor access for protocol developers. 

Thus, the censorship resistance, permissionlessness, and immutability claimed by the cryptocurrency giant were all lies. The user contrasted ETH with Cardano, one of its main contenders, stating that Cardano, and to a lesser degree, Bitcoin (BTC), are the only cryptocurrencies in the entire Web3 space. Interestingly, this information has led to some users advertising and rallying other individuals to venture into Bitcoin. 

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