Wall Street Pro Spots Potential XRP Bullish Trend at $0.6

Wall Street Pro Spots Potential XRP Bullish Trend at $0.6

A Wall Street expert, Linda Jones, has recently spotted a possible buying pressure for XRP, encouraging investors to venture into the coin. 

The veteran crypto analyst and trader revealed the bullish signal she sent to her premium members concerning the XRP token. 

She further noted that folks with no XRP token in their portfolio will regret missing out on massive surges. In addition, Jones implored investors to bag other notable crypto assets

XRP is n The Critical Zone at $0.6

The financial expert, Linda P. Jones, projected short-term prices for XRP, XLM, ALGO, and XDC. She announced this on her X page, noting that investors shouldn’t wait for the prices to plummet before investing in Ripple’s XRP and the other coins.

Gave a wake up call to VIP Experience members today: If you’re not investing in #XRP at $0.60, #XDC at $0.06, #ALGO at $0.10, #XLM at $0.10…don’t come crying to me when they are higher! They are all selling at a deep discount!! You need to be scooping them up, without a…

— Linda P. Jones (@LindaPJones) August 16, 2023

Though Jones is affirmative that XRP’s price is ready to skyrocket, she’s also open-minded about the token’s price dipping in the short term before changing momentum.

The pundit stressed that two years from now, XRP will cost way more than it does now. According to her, the best time to invest in an asset is when its price is low; for XRP, that is NOW. 

It is worth noting that Jones ranks as one of the most prominent voices regarding the outlook for XRP’s initial public offering (IPO). Earlier on, the Wall Street veteran noted that the ideal time to take Ripple public would be when XRP’s price is low. 

XRP Projection and IPO Outlook

In the meantime, several crypto pundits and analysts have propounded various projections for the fifth-largest crypto asset, XRP. However, the popular belief is that the token will surge past $1.

Jones is among the numerous analysts who believe XRP’s IPO should hold when the coin is low-priced. She believes that this move will be strategically helpful for the blockchain after it concludes its lawsuit with the SEC. 

I’ve thought about it and concluded that it makes sense to have an IPO when XRP is low-priced. When XRP is worth more, it will make the market cap too high, so the sooner after the lawsuit is over the better. https://t.co/mq37f3jbJC

— Linda P. Jones (@LindaPJones) June 1, 2023

The financial expert shared her views of XRP’s IPO in response to a tweet by United States Air Force veteran Mark Philips. Philips questioned the benefits of having Ripple as a publicly traded firm instead of a private one. 

Jones outlined the advantages of Ripple being a publicly traded firm. Firstly, Jones noted that this would lure more institutional investors to the company. Secondly, the regulatory transparency and supervision of becoming a publicly traded firm can give Ripple a competitive edge over its contemporaries. 

Furthermore, the crypto pundit highlighted why she sees Ripple’s IPO taking place sooner than expected. Firstly, she mentioned a private roadshow conference with crypto analysts in April this year. And noted that Ripple is actively interacting with professionals and seeking their thoughts on the future of XRP

Then, she observed that organizations with capital over $1 billion, such as Ripple, will be fine with venturing into IPOs amidst the poor IPO market performance.

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