What Does Stacy From Love Is Blind Do for a Living?

What Does Stacy From Love Is Blind Do for a Living?

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Netflix just dropped the latest batch of episodes of Love Is Blind Season 5, catching viewers up with this year’s newly paired up couples participating in the social experiment turned reality TV sensation. After growing close and building relationships in the sight-unseen portion of the show, these most recent episodes finally take the cast out of the pods and allow them to explore what their new lives together might look like.

For Stacy Snyder and Izzy Kapata, that meant traveling to her family home, meeting her dad, and having a very frank, “uncomfortable” conversation about finances. It soon became clear from the swimming pool and supercar that Stacy has grown accustomed to a certain standard of living, and expects any prospective future partner to be able to keep up in supporting her “luxurious” lifestyle.

“Money’s a fun conversation,” Stacy said, adding that while she loves to eat out, she would not be reaching for her purse after dinner. “It’s not fifty-fifty,” she told Izzy. ” The man pays.” Their tête-à-tête prompted discussion online about whether, in 2023, men and women should be going Dutch or if Stacy is right to expect Izzy to fork out.

What does Stacy do for a living?

Stacy started her own business a year ago, and her LinkedIn currently lists her as the Founder and Creative Director of The Closet Audit, a closet organizing and personal styling service. She also works as a Pilates instructor, and a makeup artist under the moniker The Face Audit.

“I have discovered that people’s biggest struggle in getting dressed and walking out of their closet confidently is just knowing what they have and how it pairs with other items,” she writes on the company website. “Knowing that was the problem, I started doing closet audits.”

However, Stacy explained that while she “works hard,” she sees her various entrepreneurial ventures as a means of making money to fund exciting trips, and that Izzy would be tasked with the everyday costs of rent and bills etc.

Stacy’s dad Dale reiterated the importance of his daughter being with somebody who could be a provider, and in a moment that has blown up on Twitter, told Izzy: “Love is blind… Love also needs to eat. Love needs to have a roof. Sometimes love wants to fly first class.”

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