Will Dr. Death Return for a Third Season?

Will Dr. Death Return for a Third Season?

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Season 2 of Doctor Death, the Peacock drama series which dramatizes real accounts of gross medical malpractice, tells the story of medical fraudster Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (Édgar Ramírez), and the news producer Benita Alexander (Mandy Moore) who is drawn into his web of lies before eventually helping to expose him.

The season debuted on streaming on December 21, and has received positive reviews, as did the first season of the show, which starred Joshua Jackson as the now-infamous Dr. Christopher Dunsch, marrying viewer appetite for gritty true crime with sensational drama.

Has Dr. Death been renewed for Season 3?

Not yet. Season 2 of the show has only recently been released on Peacock’s streaming platform, and viewing figures usually factor into a network’s decision to greenlight additional seasons of a show, and so it could be some time yet before we hear if Dr. Death will be returning.

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What might Dr. Death Season 3 be about?

Dr. Death is based on Wondery’s true crime podcast of the same name, which to date has three seasons. Season 1 of the podcast focused on Dr. Christopher Dunsch, the American neurosurgeon who was responsible for multiple patient deaths and irreversible injuries due to malpractice, and was adapted into Season 1 of the drama. The podcast’s third season told the story of Paolo Macchiarini and Benita Alexander, which formed the basis of Season 2 of the TV series.

If a third season of Dr. Death is commissioned on Peacock, it is likely that it will draw on Season 2 of the podcast for inspiration. Season 2 followed the story of Lebanese haematologist and oncologist Farid Fata, who prescribed chemotherapy to patients who did not need it, and was found guilty on several counts of medical fraud.

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