X may soon add ID verification for ‘preventing impersonation’

X may soon add ID verification for ‘preventing impersonation’

X appears to be working on new ID verification features several months after rampant impersonation temporarily derailed the company’s paid verification plans. The platform is now working on an additional verification feature that requires users to upload a copy of their government-issued ID and snap a selfie, according to a screenshot shared by app researcher Nima Owji.

Owji, who often uncovers unreleased features in X, first spotted an “ID verified” badge on Musk’s profile earlier this month. Now, he’s discovered an in-app message detailing how it works, suggesting that it may be getting closer to an official launch. “Verify your account by providing government-issued ID,” it says. “This usually takes about 5 minutes.” It explains that users will need to provide a photo of their ID and a selfie.

It seems X is partnering with a third-party “identity intelligence” company Au10tix on the feature. The fine print notes that information shared for verification will be seen by Au10tix as well as X. X will keep “ID images, including biometric data, for up to 30 days” and will use the information “for the purposes of safety and security, including preventing impersonation.”

An Au10tix representative didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. The company’s website advertises “8-second verification without even partial human involvement” and “first-of-a-kind tech detecting synthetic fraud patterns globally.” The company says it’s previously worked with companies like Google, PayPal and Uber.

X didn’t respond to a request for comment. But the feature suggests the company is looking for new ways to combat impersonation on the platform. Right now, X offers verified status to anyone paying for an X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) subscription.

The company doesn’t conduct its own identity checks, though it has implemented some safeguards, like its verified organizations feature. Still, some impersonators have still managed to slip through. Verification has also been exploited by numerous scammers, particularly crypto scammers, who use the additional visibility that comes with an X premium subscription to elevate their posts. It’s unclear if adding optional identity checks would fully solve these issues, but it could make some scammers and impersonators a bit easier to identify.

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