X-Men ’97 Finally Introduced the Infamous Deathbird

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X-MEN ’97 IS continuing its tradition of ripping from the comics for its plot. While not everything is as expected (Madelyne Pryor only has a short stint as the Goblin Queen), many of the characters continue to stay close to their comic book origins, including Deathbird.

Introduced in Episode 6, she appears in the midst of a major plot point in the show. While the X-Men think Xavier is dead and gone, he’s really with the Sh’iar, an intelligent and militant alien race who thinks humans are beneath them. It turns out, however, Xavier has fallen in love with Lilandra, the empress of the Sh’iar, and wants to marry her.

While the Sh’iar people are mostly confused at this interspecies marriage, Deathbird speaks up. She demands Xavier prove his allegiance to the Sh’iar, in case he has any machinations to ally the civilization with Earth.

Newcomers to X-Men ’97 likely know Professor Xavier pretty well. The Sh’iar, however, they may need context for. Don’t be fooled: the Sh’iar are an important part of the X-Men lore, and essential to know about.

Whether you’re looking for a short refresher on who they are, or have absolutely no idea who the Shi’ar are, we’ve got an explainer for you that says everything you need to know. In case they show up again in X-Men ’97 (which is very possible), you’ll be ready for next time.

Who are the Sh’iar?

Near the Skree and Krull empires (which you’ve definitely heard of if you’ve watched Captain Marvel), the Sh’iar are one of the three main alien species in the main Marvel Universe.

They first appeared in Uncanny X-Men in 1976. They have a bird-like humanoid appearance and for the most part are similar to humans in terms of abilities. They’ve interacted with humans at various instances throughout history, notably reproducing with them to create human-Sh’iar hybrids. In the comics, Lilandra and Xavier have a child, Xandra.

Who is Deathbird?

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Deathbird in X-Men ’97

The sister to Lilandra, Deathbird (real name Cal’syee Neramani) is focused on acquiring the Sh’iar throne. The oldest of her siblings, she was banished after murdering her mother and sister. Her living sister, Lilandra, is often at odds with Deathbird due to her having the throne Deathbird so desperately wants.

Since her first introduction, however, Deathbird has had instances where she’s allied with mutants. She notably has a romance with Bishop in The Uncanny X-Men #341-345, and later Vulcan–who had a brief background cameo in Episode 6, as well.

Her introduction in X-Men ’97 makes sense as Xavier’s interaction with the Sh’iar is a classic storyline that introduces the alien species into the comics. In Episode 6, we see Deathbird attempt to stop Lilandra and Xavier’s marriage so she can depose her sister, and it’s possible with Xavier’s absence (as was teased at the end of the episode), Deathbird could return as an X-Men adversary later on. If she manages to actually take the throne, she may decide to take on Earth, and Lilandra could call on Xavier’s help.

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